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Prof Guglielmo Aglietti

Space Institute Director

Aerospace structures and mechanisms, deployable structures

Academic and Professional Staff

Dr Andrew Austin

Lecturer in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Antennas, wireless communications, and radar

A Prof Mark Battley

Engineering Science

Non-destructive inspection methods for materials and structures

Prof Kathleen Campbell

School of Environment

Astrobiology, geology, paleo-ecology

Dr John Cater

Deputy Head of Engineering Science

Aerospace engineering, fluid mechanics, aeroacoustics

Prof Richard Easter

Head of Physics

Theoretical cosmology, astrophysics

Dr Delwyn Moller

Adjunct Professor in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Radar technology, remote sensing

Dr Nicholas Rattenbury

Senior Lecturer in Physics

Optical communication and propulsion systems for nanosatellites, astrophysics

Dr Peng Cao

Associate Professor in Engineering (Chemical and Materials)

Titanium metal injection technologies

Dr Laura Pirovano

Research Fellow

Astrodynamics, Space Situational Awareness, Orbit determination and data association

Dr Oliver Sinnen

Associate Professor in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

Parallel Computing, Fault Tolerance and Robust Task Scheduling, Square Kilometre Array (SKA), FPGA Acceleration of Radio Astronomical Algorithms

 Dr. JJ Eldridge

Associate Professor in Physics

Theoretical Astrophysics

Jim Hefkey

Director – Auckland Program for Space Systems (APSS)

Dr. Reuben Brown

Strategic Operations Manager – Faculty of Engineering

Catherine Qualtrough

Research Operations Coordinator

Tristan O’Hanlon

Undergraduate Coordinator – Auckland Program for Space Systems (APSS)

Brody Radford

Technical Manager

Postgraduate Students

Darcey Graham

PhD Student

Low-energy interplanetary trajectories

Félicien Filleul

PhD Student

Plasma propulsion for small satellites

Corinna Cerini

PhD Student

Semi-emprirical reduction of spacecraft structures for CLA purposes

Jan Krecke

PhD Student

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology development for monitoring ships in New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone.

Antonella Caldarelli

PhD Student

Thrust vectoring of plasma thrusters

Philipp Nieke

PhD Student

Titanium foam re-entry shielding

Nico Reichenbach

PhD Student

Deployable and inflatable space structures

Yen-Kai Chen

MSc Student

Effects of microgravity on anaerobic biofilms, and ecology of planetary habitats

Gabor Papotti

MEng Student

Development of Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) for the APSS CubeSat programs.

Christopher Nakajima Castro

MEngSt Student

Open format communication systems for the APSS CubeSat programme