2nd IEEE GRSS Instrumentation and Future Technologies Remote Sensing Summer School (IFT-R3S)

November 30 – December 4, 2020


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The objectives of the Summer School on Instrumentation and Future Technologies for Remote Sensing (IFT-R3S) is to promote future research in remote sensing, to connect future PhD students to research topics under the IEEE GRSS IFT Technical Committee, and to highlight the educational activities of the GRSS society. This IFT-R3S is meant to be part of an itinerant series (annual or biannual) of IFT-R3S editions, moving to different towns and continents and hosted by other Instrumentation and Future Technologies Technical Committee (IFT-TC) groups. 


 SAR principles, operation modes, spaceborne SAR instruments, SAR processing,  SAR interferometry . Remote sensing with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Passive remote sensing.

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The school is open to any interested scientist and engineer, but it focuses on Master studentsjunior Ph.D. students and young professionals, as a way to promote research careers in remote sensing technologies in general and instrumental and future technologies in particular.

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